After seeing the first showing of “Maleficent,” I have to say, I would see it a hundred times over. Whether you’re young, old, male, female or even if you’re just a little too cool for fairytale-like movies, “Maleficent” is a must see. As a very critical movie buff who’s not easily pleased, I found this film well worth my $12. If you’re still having doubts whether to go watch this Disney feature, the following reasons might help convince you.

The Story

Disney gave the original “Sleeping Beauty” a very effective makeover. This movie makes you understand why Maleficent did what she did to the king’s daughter. Was it really jealousy or anger? Or was it something else? Without giving away too much, I’ll say that there are funny parts that will have you laughing, especially when Maleficent’s sidekick (a transforming crow) comes onto the scene. Some parts of the movie stayed true to the original story. There is, for instance, a prince who kisses the princess. There’s also a king, but unlike the original, he’s not really one of the good guys.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie in Maleficent

Even when she’s mean, she’s great. Angelina really became Maleficent in this movie. The red lipstick, bleach-white skin, contact lenses and the prostatics really worked for her. The first thing you’ll instantly notice is this woman’s undeniable beauty. This alone will have your eyes locked on the screen. I was always under the impression that Maleficent was a witch, but this feature clearly states that she was a fairy. Initially, seeing an A-list actress like Angelina soaring across the screen with oversize wings was a little awkward, but she played it so well, you quickly get used to it.

Elle Fanning

The thing you’ll instantly notice about Princess Aurora is her smile. She smiles consistently throughout the full movie, and at one point, she smiles so much that you really can’t help but notice this. Overall, Elle Fanning played the part very well. The fact that she’s not that well known as an actress makes the film more pleasant to watch. This feature officially places Dakota Fanning’s little sister on the map.

Princess Aurora

Pretty People

Aside from Angelina and Elle, you’ll notice that the entire cast is good-looking. The Prince, for instance, sports long hair and charming good looks, as if he stepped right out of a boy band. The girl who played young Maleficent, Isobelle Molloy, is also cut,e and although it seems like she’s not getting much credit in the press, her appearance doesn’t go unnoticed. Also in the film is Vivienne, Angelina’s real-life daughter. She plays a young Princess Aurora, and although her scene was short, it was adorable to see the actress interact with her own daughter. Her other two kids Pax and Zahara can also be seen in a quick flash, but weren’t more than extras.

The Scenery

Aside from the story and the people, the scenery and the music of the movie really makes you feel like you’re in a fairytale world. In the beginning, you clearly get to watch the beauty of Maleficent’s world, you get introduced to her and instantly understand that she has a good heart. You get to see the creatures that live in her world and clearly see the difference in the atmosphere when Maleficent is hurt.

Overall, if you enjoy a good story, looking at gorgeous people and enjoy nice scenery, this film won’t disappoint. I give it a strong 9 out of 10.